About Us

At 11 Industries, we believe that every man has the right to own accessories that reflect who he is as a person. And while this will be different for each man, we strive to create a collection of accessories that have a distinctive look and use, ones that will appeal to every modern gentleman.

Our focus is on three aspects: Quality, History, and Design. By staying true to these three important points, we know that we can create accessories that are useful and attractive.



All our products are designed and manufactured in the United States. This allows us to not only have more control over the products that we sell, but it gives us the chance to create more jobs within our country. We know that one of the first things that large companies do to save money is decrease the quality of their products. At 11 Industries, this will never be the case. Having quality, American-made products isn’t just a rash decision we made, it’s something we truly believe in.

When you purchase our products, you’ll have the peace of mind that it’s of the highest quality and that it was made right here, in the US.



11 Industries has spent over a year crafting and designing products that will appeal to the modern man. To create these long lasting products, we looked to the past to find items and designs that are truly classic. We applied these classic designs to accessories that are both useful and fun.

As you go through our products, you’ll notice a lot of leather, wood, and canvas. These are materials we’ve found stand the test of time and look stylish no matter their age. This is our way of remembering the history of gentlemen’s fashion while infusing it with a modern edge.



We design and create products that we would want to use. At 11 Industries, we’re not a boardroom filled with people looking to make a profit. We’re everyday men that want to create accessories that standout and stand the test of time. This is why we create our products out of quality materials and use designs that are both fun and classic.

We’re constantly evolving as we grow and learn more about our customers. Due to this, our products will be changing with us. However, our designs will always be based on what our customers want and need.