Dopp Kit Essentials

January 28, 2016 0 Comments

Dopp Kit Essentials

Traveling is hectic and stressful. Having your favorite grooming essentials can go a long way when you're far from home. We created an essential list of items that you can include when packing your dopp kit for a business trip or quick getaway.

Pack, travel and have fun!

Shampoo, Haircare & Beard Products
All your hair needs should be considered. Shampoos, pomade and beard oils. Be prepared so you are not using unfamiliar, hotel brand grooming products that may not work well for your hair.

Comb & Brush

Tame that unruly hair by packing a comb & brush. Compact options are best for travel since they take up less room.

Soap Bar
A bar of soap is easier to pack than body wash for a trip. It’s smaller, compact, creates no mess and no travel restrictions if you're traveling on a flight. 

Lint Roller
Not as obvious for a dopp kit, but packing a lint roller can be a life saver on a trip. Especially when you’ve packed everything into a Weekender Duffle Bag.

This should be one of the first things packed into your dopp kit. There's nothing worse than traveling with bad body odor. Try to select a roll-on or stick rather than an aerosol spray as there are no travel restrictions when it comes to size.

Razor, Shaving Cream & Aftershave
Your shaving routine does not have to suffer when traveling. You can continue to maintain a well groomed face by packing these essentials. To save additional space, opt for a manual razor rather than an electric version. Besides being less bulky, you'll eliminate the need for batteries and power outlets. 

Toothbrush, Toothpaste & Dental Floss

Keep your breath fresh and your dental hygiene in tact while traveling. Again, you may want to opt for a manual toothbrush versus an electric toothbrush to save additional space.

Moisturizer, Sunscreen and Lotion
A lack of moisture on your body can lead to rough, flaky skin. And not protecting it from the sun's harmful rays, can cause horrible sun burns or worse, skin cancer. Prevent it all by packing good moisturizer and lotion with sunscreen. Most brands have started to manufacture smaller, travel friendly size versions of their full size products. And if they don't, you can always purchase travel size toiletry bottles and create it yourself.

Lip Balm
Just like sunburns, chapped lips can be a miserable experience on a trip. Pack some lip balm into your dopp kit

Glasses and Contact Lenses
Don’t leave your eyewear at home and spend your trip in blindness. Take special precaution when packing your contact lenses and glasses into your dopp kit. Be sure that they are secure and won’t get crushed by larger heavy items.

Band Aids and Medicine
Packing some basic over the counter medications for headaches, allergies, indigestion and sudden injuries into your dopp kit can really stop a trip from bad quickly. Keep bandaids on hand in case of cuts and scraps.

Extra Cash
Store extra cash right there in your dopp kit. You never know. While on trip you may leave your wallet in a taxi or at a bar. Have some extra cash to help you get through a few hours.

Most men pride themselves on having a signature scent. Whether it's in the form of a spray or oil, you want to ensure that you take that scent with you when you travel. Smaller and sample versions of full size scents are usually available at department stores. If for some reason it isn't, you can still take your favorite scent with you by using an Easy-Fill Perfume Atomizer

Additional Items To Consider:

Sleeping Pills

Eye Mask

Facial Wipes


Nail Clipper

Cotton Swabs


Sewing Kit