Charlie Weekender Featured on Cool Hunting!

November 27, 2015 0 Comments

Charlie Weekender Featured on Cool Hunting!

Charlie Weekender Duffle Bag

As a new brand, we work really hard to get noticed and push our message out to the world. We design our products with an eye on the future while incorporating elements of the past. We have been hauling ass to make every second count in building our brand.

That's why we were exceptionally thrilled when we discovered traffic coming from

It was the eve of Thanksgiving and we were wrapping up our marketing game plan when we noticed a spike in traffic. Naturally, we jumped to our analytics to figure out the cause for the surge and what a beautiful surprise.

There it was, "Six Bags for Easy Holiday Travel" on Cool Hunting's website. Our Charlie Weekender was featured! We spent nine months perfecting this duffle bag. Different materials, zippers, leathers and more. Nine long months of getting it right.

Our handstitched, made in New York City beauty was getting its first press mention. Our little company was getting its first press mention. We were and still are beyond excited. 

We'll continue to document our progress as we grow this business but thought sharing this was necessary.