Why he'll enjoy American made gifts?

October 15, 2015 0 Comments

Why he'll enjoy American made gifts?

American Flag- Made In America

Behind every happy woman there is a loving and affectionate man (at least we think so),and occasionally you need to remind him that you are glad that he is with you, right? Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day are a few such occasions where you can reinforce your love for him by gifting him special and unique gifts. But, great gifts for men are a pain to figure out but we think your guy will truly love American Made Goods.

Why will he love ‘Made in USA’ gifts? Well, ‘Made in USA’ products stand apart from rest of the labels in terms of quality. They also have a manly appeal and awesome style. It is no secret that we are all very patriotic, so, using products or brands made in the USA would mean helping a fellow American.

Reasons to Buy USA Made Products:

  • When you buy an American product you sustain not only American manufacturers but also American workers, their safe working conditions, and child labour laws.
  • Buying goods made in the USA, enhances the growth of American economy.
  • US manufacturing units are much cleaner and safer for the environment. So when you buy an American-made product, you're helping to keep the world safe and clean for your children.
  •  American consumer protection laws and safety standards are much higher than those in foreign countries. They ensure that products made in America are toxic-free and safe for consumers.


Awesome gift ideas for men

Unique and wonderful gifts for men can be hard to find and are unquestionably the most challenging to buy. A lot of people struggle to pick out a gift that communicated how they really feel about someone. 

So what is the perfect gift for men? When you’re shopping for a gift for a man, there are a few things that you need to consider.

First and foremost, take some time to think about your man. What are his particular likes and dislikes? Does he play sports, or is there a topic that he’s always reading about? Second, keep in mind the occasion. The type of gift you buy for his birthday is almost certainly different than the big gift you would get him for a holiday. And it would also be a great idea if you can ask his close friends and family for gift suggestions if you are really confused.

To help you out below is a curated list of some of the popular American-made gifts for men.

Waxed Canvas Shaving Kit

11 Industries Waxed Canvas Shaving Kit, $75: With skilled craftsmanship and a stunning look, the 11 Industries Waxed Canvas Shaving Kit comes with denier nylon lining and extra interior pockets that provide space for his important travel accessories. Our Dopp Kit is handcrafted and made in the USA.

Steven Alan Shinola PJs

All-Cotton PJs, $85: These lightweight PJs from Steven Alan and Shinola mean total comfort. They are made with soft 100% cotton poplin and the bottoms have a hidden button fly and side pockets. You can get the pieces separately at a price of $85 per piece.

Blue Gingham Bow Tie

Carolina Cotton Blue Gingham Bow Tie, $35: Classy, attractively patterned and well-priced this is a highly recommended gift for the men in your life!

Whiskey Stones

Whisky Stones, $16:A unique gift for those who love their drinks, these stones are made of natural soapstone  in Vermont.


Ernest Supplies Toolroll, $125: Even men have beauty needs! This is the perfect kit for travelling with premium facial products. All the products and packaging are sourced and produced in America.

Have fun browsing and shopping for the special men in your life, while keeping your patriotism intact by supporting small businesses across the USA!