Mirko Ilic Crafted Our Logo

September 10, 2015 0 Comments

Mirko Ilic Crafted Our Logo

One of the most important things about launching a new business is having a very clear and strong brand identity. There are several things that go into creating a brand, but one of the most visual ways a brand is created is through a logo. At 11 Industries, we wanted a logo that defined what our business is about; quality, design, and history.

We were extremely lucky that Mirko Ilic, a renowned graphic designer and well-respected figure in his field, designed and created our logo. We know he is extremely particular about who he decides to work with and the fact that he chose 11 Industries is a huge honor.

We met with Mirko in the Summer of 2013 and talked about our business, 11 Industries. We talked about creating a look a feel of the industrial age that has a modern twist and edge. 

Working with Mirko was a thrill and a pleasure. Within days, he created our logo and color palette. The 11 & I (for Industries) were created exactly alike except for the "I" having a carved dot.

"The figures represent smoke stack, a throwback to early manufacturing America." said Ilic "In it you'll find your Quality, Design & History"

We were and still are ecstatic about working with Mirko. Considering how busy he is and his extensive list of prominent clients, when he agreed to do the logo for 11 Industries, we were thrilled. We hope you’ll take the time to visit his website and get to know more about his amazing talent.

A little history about this rare creative talent

Mirko Ilic moved to the United States from Yugoslavia in the late 80s and became an instant success from his astounding illustrations. He’s worked with several leading magazines and newspapers, including New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Time, where he served as art director of the international edition.

Since his arrival in the United States, Ilic has had a varied career. His work hasn’t been confined to newspapers and magazines, but also includes work in motion pictures, brand identity for luxury hotels and restaurants, and he’s even written several books.

Mirko Ilic opened his own studio in the 90s, which served to teach many different forms of design. In his spare time, which he doesn’t have much of, Ilic teaches master degree classes in illustration at the School of Visual Arts.

Recently, MoMA included 38 of Mirko's designs in their permanent collection. Four of his designs are currently on display at the MoMA as part of their "Making Music Modern: Design for Ear and Eye" show.