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Minimalist Wallet

Many times you find yourself in trouble with your old wallet: bulky, deformed, worn-out, torn. It's barely functional and definitely no longer stylish. You're actually a little ashamed to carry it around.

If you feel this way, it's time for a switch and this is the right article for you.

Here are 5 Reasons to Switch to a Minimalist Wallet:

 1. You're suffering from Third-Ass-Cheek-Syndrome

third ass cheek wallet bulge

You know what we're talking about. But in case you don't, Third-Ass-Cheek-Syndrome is when you're wallet is so bulky that it causes major protrusion in your back pocket which makes you look like you have a third ass cheek! Besides being very unstylish, it can cause serious health issues like back pain & sciatica, according to Men's Health. If you suffer from this syndrome, it's time to switch to a minimalist wallet.

2. Your wallet is so stuffed it's about to explode

George Costanza Seinfeld Stuffed Wallet 

 If your wallet is so stuffed that you have to open and close it with caution for fear of having a George Costanza moment, it's time for you to switch to a minimalist wallet

Gone are the days of keeping paper receipts, business cards, pictures etc in your wallet. Thanks to technology, those things can be digitized and stored in your smartphone eliminating the need and waste of all that paper.

3. You're ashamed when you have to show your wallet

Worn out wallet

Now we love the look of an aged wallet but if your wallet has loose strings, frayed edges, flaking material or tears that make you ashamed to whip it out, it's time to switch to a minimalist wallet. Chances are most of that damage came from either poor craftsmanship or bulking it up with unnecessary items. Whatever the reason, it's time to trade it in.

4. You want to carry something that's comfortable

 11 Industries Minimalist Wallet

 Ever notice how many guys carry their wallets in their back pocket? It's not necessarily standard issue but more of a comfort issue because traditional wallets are too big to carry anywhere else. Well you won't have this problem when you switch to a minimalist wallet. It's slim and sleek design makes it comfortable to carry in your front and back pocket as well  top pocket of shirt or suit without compromising the look of your outfit.

5. You want easy access

11 industries minimalist wallet with cash and cards

The purpose of carrying around a wallet, is to provide you with access to necessities like your credit cards, ID and cash. As we mentioned before, there's absolutely no need for you to walk around with receipts, notes, business cards, pictures or fortune cookie wrappers (we know you do it). It can be a pain to sort through and delay purchasing when you're at the register. You can simplify your life and make accessing these items easy by switching to something minimal.

Check out our leather minimalist wallet. It's available in brown and black, is sleek and durable and can hold up to 8 cards along with cash.